When Should You Change or Rekey Your Locks?

Used daily, door locks are one of the most ideal components of home safety. But as hard as these products are, there are occasions when these locks may no longer be able to offer the protection you expect. From time to time, these systems get damaged or compromised, putting your safety in danger. To assist you to protect your belongings and your peace of mind, below you can come across five situations when you need to hire a mobile locksmith to change out your door locks. Locksmiths Kanata has years of experience to deal with such situations and hence better to seek assistance from these experts.

Break-Inslocksmiths kanata

When robbers or burglars target houses, they mainly focus on the breaking in by interfering with the locks. If they succeed or not, this interfering can give rise to severe issues to the lock which can make it easier for next break-in to happen or it may not work properly.

New Property

If you have recently shifted into a new house, hire the best professionals Locksmiths Kanata to change all of the locks on the property. Even if you believe in the person from whom you have bought the house, there are chances that an unrevealed third party still has the keys to the property.

Lost or Stolen Keys

locksmiths kanata

The easiest way to address lost or stolen keys is to use a spare set or seek help from a locksmith to replace them. Although, going on with this procedure still means that some other person has access to your house. This hazard may be even more present if the keys were missed or stolen along with personal identification which contains your address like your driver’s license or voter’s id. For this reason, it is better to have the locks rekeyed immediately from Locksmiths Kanata.

Changes in the House

If it is to kick out an irritating roommate or have concluded a challenging divorce, having people leave your house is generally a better time to have locks rekeyed. In some situations, these persons may use their keys to re-enter the property and even take out items in the procedure.


Ageing or Faulty Locks

locksmiths kanataAfter using many times, door locks can begin to experience wear which damages their internal mechanisms. As these systems age or undergo damage, they become easy to pick and have a higher risk of jamming. To increase your safety, hire the Locksmiths Kanata to come to your home to replace any locks which are not fully intact.

If you have any worries about your house or business locks, Locksmiths Kanata is always there to offer you peace of mind. Locksmiths Kanata consists of well-experienced professionals and experts to offer you swift and ideal services to address your specific concerns. Despite lock replacement, these experts can improve your safety by installing deadbolts. So what are you waiting for? Just make a call and get help from these experts to safeguard your precious belongings at your house.