Tips To Choose Perfect Quartz Countertops For Kitchen Against Granite

Without countertop there is no kitchen. It is a fundamental piece in this room of our houses, since it gives it personality and style. That is why choosing a toronto quartz countertops is something that we should dedicate a lot of time to: Understand the materials, know all the options, and get an idea of what we want.

In the case of countertops, quality and style are not at odds with the wide range of materials with which it can be manufactured.  In addition, just by changing the quartz granite countertops you can give a new look to your kitchen. So if you are looking to repair it easily, investing in a good countertop can be the perfect solution.

toronto quartz countertops

What to be consider when buy a countertop

  • Height: Probably one of the most important points to watch, since it has to be located at a correct height to be able to use it comfortably every day. The height will be given by the kitchen furniture, since the countertop will rest on them. The height at which they are usually placed is 90 cm from the ground but may vary depending on your needs. Height is most important thing to consider when buying quartz countertops.
  • Length: The longer the countertop, the more expensive it will cost. So take the measures well so that you don’t need an inch or more, since falling short can be just as bad.
  • Thickness: The thickness of a countertop is usually between 3 and 5 cm, but it can always be greater depending on the material and style we want to give it.
  • Copete: This is a piece that serves as a finish to the countertop in the part in contact with the wall, so that water, grease or dirt does not slip between them.
  • Embellishers: When the worktop piece does not end against a wall, a trim is placed on the edge to protect the material from bumps, rubs, etc.
  • Joints: When the countertop is L-shaped, it is normal to make it possible thanks to the union of two pieces by means of a gasket. They are not very pretty and usually accumulate dirt but sometimes there is no choice but to put them with certain materials.
  • Gaps: The sink and the ceramic hob are usually placed on the countertops. For its installation you have to make holes in the middle and that makes the price more expensive. A smooth countertop is not the same as one in which we will have to make these holes.

toronto quartz countertops

You can also customize the shape of the edges or edges in many cases:

  • Simple: The countertop ends with a straight cut of the same thickness as the rest of the piece.
  • Miter: The edge of the countertop forms a 90º angle that collects furniture or appliances.
  • Half-round: Instead of finishing straight as the single edge, the edge is rounded at the top, so that the lower one does have a straight cut.
  • Rounded: In this case, the edge is completely rounded, both the upper and lower areas.
  • Beveled: Like the half-round song but the song with straight shapes.