Guide to installing a garage door:

Installing a garage door is an investment. You must have the expense of buying the door, but also the cost of labor. However, you can save yourself the latter if you have notions of DIY and some skill. You might wonder how a garage door is installed to find out if you could do the job on your own. Read on if you want to know the process of installing a garage door.

How to install a garage door?

The first thing you have to know is that the Capital Garage Door Ottawa Kanata installation will depend on the type of door you have chosen.

Instructions for installing a sectional garage door:

The first step is to measure the hole where the door is to be installed. You must have these clear measures to avoid any problem with the door you decide to buy. The next task to be done is to mount the pre-frame, that is, the two vertical metal bars attached to another horizontal that will function as a fastening lintel. It is necessary to plumb it with the help of wedges and a level, and it should be pointed out where it will have to be drilled later to hold it.

Now it’s time to mount the mainframe. To do this, the vertical guides and curves of the frame must be mounted, which must be attached to the vertical ones of the frame and the rear bar that gives the structure a ‘U’ shape. The final result should be in goal form once the guides are joined. In this step, you must use a level and a ladder. Next, place the back bar to square the corners. This step is very important because if the structure is not square, the panel can rub on the guide and prevent the door from rising. To do this you must attach the guides to the ceiling.

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You have to make sure that the door goes all the way. Before placing the vertical frames completely, it is important to check that inside the vertical guides the door will be able to travel from top to bottom. You also have to look for the same distance throughout its length. The next step is to put the braces that go to the ceiling. You have to use angles already drilled and in the form of ‘T’ that is attached to the ceiling and you must use the meter to place them. These will square the hole so that it does not unseat the door. To hold them you can use expansion screws when the roof is made of concrete.

The next thing will be to place the shafts and bearings on the vertical rail. The help of a screwdriver will be needed. The shaft ends must be placed on the side bearings and the central support of the latter must be fixed in front. The rubber bands must also be placed. It is necessary to assemble the panels and attach the hardware to their hinges. It is important to leave some slack with the wheels when placed on top of each other.

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Finally, press and calibrate. The cables must be passed through the pulleys and fastened so that the springs have adequate pressure. The cables will be tensioned to the rollers. All that remains is to push up all the side panels and check them.

This is the procedure to install the door. If you think it will be too complicated you can contact a professional of Garage door ottawa Kanata.

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